Monday 23rd

Hey everyone, it’ really nice to see the responses to our post. Sorry we did not post anything over the weekend, it was our 1st weenend together without moving and we had a chance to take in Virginia just a little. Karen brother from Alexandria came over with our little nephew Holden, he is a cool liittle dude once he got use to the strange new family members. We wen buy to check on our house, and even though it has rained alot this past week they have made progress. We also had a chance to venture out to the older historic part of Lynchburg over near the James River. There we walked on a nature trail riverwalk it’ really nice and a lot of people were riding their bikes, the girls are excited about getting to take their bikes down there to ride also. We visited a new church on Sunday called Mountain View Methodist Church and met a lot of nice friendly folks. It’s certainly not the same as St. James but we know that God has blessed us tremedously  and it was just nice to be among his people as a group. I will sign off for now and try to post some pictures later or tomorrow.

 God Bless


2 thoughts on “Monday 23rd

  1. Hey Bubba,

    Good to see updates on the blog, I have enjoyed visiting it daily. I’m in Vegas the week for work, but with technology we can still keep in touch, ain’t it grand?

    Lots of Love, Lynda

  2. Hey guys!
    Hope this comment makes it this time. I’m glad you’re getting around Lynchburg. Karen, How do you like it up there? It’s beautiful country, that’s for sure! Ya’ll keep in touch!

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