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  • sorry i have not updated in awhile.  we are excited about our house and can not wait to get into it.  i think once we are in and settled with our own stuff things will be better.  i still get homesick and the girls and i in a small apartment well enough said about that.  they love the pool here at the apartments though.  we are finding our way around pretty good and even the girls recognize certain things and streets.  went to the mall the other day and i found a great store b moss.  great clothes that actually fit me and great sales.  we can find target and walmart and we are even trying different routes.  my porch on the house is looking great.  they have the concret poured and the white post put in.  the carpet goes in next week.  it is so bright in the house during the day time with the way it is laid out and all so i really like that.  i just wish i was good at decorating and landscape stuff but it will i come together i am sure.  well i need to run some errands so will go for now.  we sure miss everyone.  love to all


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  1. Karen,

    It was sure good to hear from you again, I miss you guys more when there isn’t any contact at all. Have Alvin send more pictures of the house soon so we can see it progress. You will have so much to do once the house is ready, unpacking, decorating, shopping….I’m sure the list will go on, and on. School will be starting before you know it, are the girls excited about meeting new friends at school? Autumn and Joe have mentioned coming with us to see you guys if that’s ok. I’ll write more later, jet lag and time changes are wearing on me tonight.

    Lots of love always,

    P.S. Tell Alaejha and Sammy to write again.

  2. Hey Karen!
    Glad you’re finding your way around town. I don’t have your address; can you send it to me? Both the apartment and the new house if you have them. We still miss you guys, and would love to see you. Do you have a Kohl’s there? Ours will be open next month. I’m so excited! Take care, and talk to you soon.


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