Our New House

Wow everyone is enjoying reading the responses here from you guys. It’s pretty neat to have a place where we can keep in touch this way. Work is good and really busy, but it’s great to come home to a regular home cooked meal again after about a month of eating out and microwave dinners. Anyway we are excited about the new house, it’s still a little ways from being ready but it’s cool to watch the progress. I hope to have more updated pictures each week so keep looking.

I Love you guys




Upstairs Hallway





2 thoughts on “Our New House

  1. Bubba,

    Very nice so far I know Karen is excited about having a new house. Keep the pictures and the comments coming.
    Love ya, Sis.

  2. Hi!
    Hope that things are going well. I think we have all tried sending a message, but didn’t know how and they didn’t get posted. Jay told me how at church today so we will see if this one goes. Your new house looks neat! I think it would be really fun to be able to watch it being completed. Hope that you were able to visit a church today! Kelly and Lindsay will visit this site again soon.
    Take care!

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