bubba just called for an address to put into his gps.  he and holden are coming for a few hours tomorrow. we are excited about that.  the girls and i are finding our way around slowing.  they get tired of car riding though. called the school and gave them their names. we don’t register till the 23 of august but they do have them down for the grades they will be in. going to see about their medicaid monday i think.  the office is in part of lynchburg i have not been so we will find it this weekend and go monday. shopped at kroger’s yesterday.  they have it and food lion.  what is gas there? In places it’s like 278.  It rained alot last night. it’s been pretty hot and humid.  suppose to be nice this weekend and not as hot. found a church we might try out sunday. i found it when i went the wrong way the other day. still bigger than what i would like but we will see. lots of kid involvement from what i read and from the way the secretary talked. well gotta take care of some stuff. mom and dad i miss you so much. lisa can’t wait to hear what a juice party is. lynda tell carson we are waiting for his visit. alisha i hope you are feeling better. keeping you in our prayers.  love you guys. if you all have time comment to lae and sam lae wrote something the other day and she keeps looking for comments. Karen

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  1. Karen,

    Good as always to hear from you, I’m gonna leave the GPS to someone who knows what they are doing, like the pilot. We are so looking forward to visiting you guys, December can’t get here fast enough. Work has been crazy I have a graded visit tomorrow from corporate, and then we leave for Vegas on Monday. Work, work, work. I’m not really complaining it’s great to have a job. Michael got a job a couple of weeks ago, praise the Lord. It was a very long 9 weeks of unemployed, he was going stir crazy looking and waiting. Alisha has been very busy at church this week with VBS, lots of fun and twice as much work. I spoke with Cris two or three times this week he seemed to be doing ok.
    I’ll sign off for now, love you guys!

    Love Lynda

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