carpet is about in front porch is finished totaly the refrigerator will be in in a couple of days and we close on the 10th. been talking with the landscaper guy to see if he will help with some landscaping other than what is included with the house. we meet with him saturday.  i want some things that will bring the beautiful birds that i see even in the grocery store parking lot and also the beautiful huge butterflies.  i just thought i liked watching the birds that came to our bird bath in abilene. this is the one plus of virginiai have to say.  God has created some beautiful creatures.  i know there are so many more here due to all the trees around.  i plan to take the kids swimming today. we haven’t swam since saturday. sunda we spent the day with the big 5 year old at putt putt golf. they have water bumper boats,go carts,huge game room and batting cages along with the two golfcourses they had. we all even made a whole in one. monday was alvin’s birthday. the kids decorated the house and i cooked him veal snitzel and artichokes. he was late getting home but he enjoyed it.  he is really busy at work. diana we do have a kohl’s here but mom i have not found a stein mart right here. we are all just ready to get in the house.  i still get homesick and miss everyone so much.  it is hard but know having our things around should help somewhat. well i need to get samanthat something to eat so i guess i will close for now. love and miss everyone.


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