still unpacking

boxes boxes boxes everywhere. my kitchen is complete still working on the rest. enjoyed my mom and dad this Saturday and a few hours this Sunday. My brother and sister-in-law drove them down from dc. Had a real dinner from my kitchen. I made homemade meatballs and spagetti. it was hard saying goodbye to my parents as it will probably be the summer next year before i see them. i am taking my time with the house so that it will be organized and easy to keep up with. everything having a place. also trying to discard some much unneeded stuff. our shed comes in the morning and once it is put in they can start putting in the water sprinkler set then the sod and seed plants and a few trees. i am excited about that. then on tuesday my new dining room table will be here to go in my real dining room. i have my china cabinet fixed with nothing but my china and my grandmothers china in it no junk stuff. i need to get another small cabinet to put some miscellaneous stuff in. so i was able to display some of the china in the top of the cabinet to be seen. i also found a really nice plate rack that holds 3 plates. little does any of you know but years ago i did german farmers painting a type of tole painting and did it on wooden plate. i actually have 6 plates in all but this only held for and it was one of a kind and i loved it so will find something for the other 3 later. i didn’t even have them displayed in abilene. we got some of our mini blinds put up. we still have the dreaded toys. the girls have their beds set up and all but we have not done much else there. i keep telling them they are doing fine with the toys they have from the trip why take out more. ha ha. i just really want to clean them out better and again try to organize it. i have found target to be a wonderful store. i have found more stuff there. we found some really nice bar stools for the kitchen counter bar. the seats match our couch that is in the family room that is right off the kitchen. gaston the cat is settling in fine. think he even comes out a bit more. not thrilled vaccuuming the stairs. but not minding the up and down. some times the kids get tired of it. we just have so much space now. and lots of natural light. loving all of the above but sure do miss our family and all our church family and hope to have visits from you all. girls register for school thursday and they have open house then. monday the 27th is officially the first day of school. alvin did get to be around this weekend to enjoy family and did not really get any phones calls. girls saw ground hogs and some deer today while we were driving from the store. they were excited about that. well i need to get some rest it is getting late. well try not to take so long to write again. everyone please keep my nephew denny tallant in you prayers and my sister (his mom) as he is leaving tuesday for kuwait and then to bagdad.

May we all feel God’s love and blessings in our hearts and lives.


2 thoughts on “still unpacking

  1. Karen,

    It is really good to hear from you guys again, I’m sure your mom and dad we’re really glad to get to visit with everyone. The house sounds like it is comimng along great, take your time and put it where you want it. Alvin finally found a storage shed? When you guys get a minute take a picture with the porch on it and send to us. Time for work so I guess I’ll sign off. Will keep your nephew and sister in our prayers, lots of love always.

    Love Lynda

  2. Hi Aleajha! I will mail your Bible today! It has been blessed by Pastor John. How is everyone? We miss you all! It is Fair time, so Lindsay and Steve smell like hamburgers and onion rings. Yuk! I will after today. How do you like your school? How do you like your house? Love to you all!


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