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we signed today or yesterday as it is past midnight. but the house is ours now.  alvin tried to get the furniture to be delivered on friday but the storage people can not do it then and the builder will be done with clean up and steam cleaning the drive etc tuesday so we can get moved on wednesday. alvin told the storage people this and they can deliver on wednesday. so we will officially be at 1193 hupps hill lane  forest virginia 24551 on wednesday.  now it is what colors should i make the bathrooms how do i organize the kitchen.  i have all new appliances.  all kenmore and all stainless steel. i have the new ceramic stove top new microwave really nice dishwasher and side by side refrigerator with water and ice. way cool.  anyway we have our work cut out for us.  the neighborhood is going to have a big garage sale the 1st part of oct. good thing and more got packed and brought than needed to be brought.  the company that started this neighbor hood had a cook out saturday so all neighbors could meet.  there will be a total of 15 families right now moved or moving in. alvin had to work but the girls and i went.  the people were nice and the girls met some of the kids. they had a really good time.  steve thanks for the comment on alaejha’s post.  sure miss seeing lindsey’s smiling face. kelly i could sure use you help with decorating.  we miss all you guys.  diana we do have a kohl’s but have not been yet. thinking of going into roanoke to furniture shop as they have more stores there. again my one favorite thing around here is the birds and the butterflies.  i am going to put a butterfly bush in my yard and bird seed and i have a bird bath already.  they said the butterfly bush will also sometime bring humming birds and the finches.  they also said besides the yellow finche there is a purple one.  well i need to get to sleep.  will up date more as things happen and will get alvin to get some pictures taken so we can post more pics of the house. love to all we miss everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hey guy’s just wanted to drop you guy’s a few lines to say hi and say how much I love you all. I am on a very very long trip as I type you this message. Our youh are going to NC, for a youth event. 16 hrs. is what that say we will see because we started off 2 hrs. late last nite. But you guy’s signed on the house that is great. I cann’t wait to see it and you guy’s. I hope to you at Christmas time we will see if it works out.So girls i missed your birthdays but I would like to send you both something. So send me a message and list a couple of things you would like. Who Who I do hope that you had a wonderful Birthday I am very sorry that I didn’t get to call you.I love you very much you mean so much to me. Well I hope the weather has been better for you than it has for s. It just won’t stop rainning. I keep looking for Noah and the ark.:)Well I guess I will go now take care and hope to see you soon.


  2. Hi Hi Alaejha – PopPa just wanted to say hello. Guess you are getting your toys and stuff today. Big Day. Nanna has gone to work. Everything here is ok. Im fine.
    Got my yard done the other day. The raid has stopped and the hot weather is on it’s way. Always remember PopPa Loves You.

    Hi His Sammy = Well I guess you are happy also getting your toys and stuff. How is your room in your new house. Nanna is at work and I will just have to find something to do. Glad you met some new friends and the party. your birthday sounded like fun. Always remember PopPa Loves You
    Alaejha and Sammy HUG everybody for me. PopPa

  3. Hey Karen (and all!)
    I’m so happy for you guys. What an exciting time in your lives! And you thought it couldn’t get any better, right?
    Wish we could all be there to help with various aspects of your house. Karen, you did a fine job decorating your home here, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Thanks for sending the address; now we can send “snail” mail!
    We took Sam to Dallas this past weekend; he flew to Florida to visit his rotten birth mother. I hate it, but know it has to happen! We will go again next week to pick him up.
    Things are good here; a little in the air here at church, but I’m sure you’ve heard. I’ll e-mail you later.
    Ya’ll take care, and keep us posted on how things are going. Send more pictures-miss you bunches!

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