We spent the day swimming.  The apartment pool is really nice and the kids has alot of fun. The office always has chocolate chip  cookies in the club house.  there were a couple of other kids swimming and the one girl had taken the last cookie the lady in the office made more so the girls and the other kids could have some so that was nice. still adjusting to the times the tv programs come on. they are all an hour later thatn central time so new is not until 11 which makes for a late night but i guess we are adjusting to everything.  would like to be in our house though.  sure miss everyone. love you guys.  Karen

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  1. Hello to everyone,
    I am glad to hear from you guys. Swimming sounds like fun but we’ve had so much rain the pool isn’t ready. Now as for cookies I made sugar cookies and Alisha, Mike and myself have enjoyed them. Carson was talking about Sammy and Alaejha on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

    Love ya and keep writing daily,

  2. Hey guy’s so glad to hear that everyone is doing good. Try not to have to much fun in that pool. Love you all and we will see you soon.


  3. Mom had a quite Birthday. Got phone calls from everyone. I worked in the yard all day. Plan to play golf tomorrow. We will go out to eat as usual tommorow. Angel went to the growmers today. As you can see not much going on. I guess you did not get my comment from yesteday as I did not do the math. Miss and love everyone. DAD

  4. Hey! This is way cool! I can easily do this. I am on line just about every night so I will expect updates often. 🙂 I know La and Sammy are enjoying swimming. Shelby and I went last night. It has been really hot here! We did get a lttle rain last night so that has cooled things off a bit. I talked with Nana this afternoon for her birthday. She sounded good. I went to this juice party tonight, just to help a girl at work out…oh my gosh! I am sold!! I will call and fill y’all in later. I’m going to do some searching on he internet first. I am supposed to be off tomorrow. Hopefuly that will happen. I do have to take some fruit to the center. Hopefully I won’t get stuck there. I am supposed to scrapbook tomorrow night. Well, I will try to call y’all this week-end. I think this is awesome!! Alvin…you are the bomb! I love you guys!!! xoxoxoxo Lisa

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