Hello world!

Hey there friends and family, Karen the girls and I have made the long road trip from Abilene, TX to Lynchburg, VA. I am setting up the Weblog to help us keep you posted on things that are going on and to share things we are experiencing. This should give Karen a way to communicate to everyone in an easy format.

We already miss so many of you, but you can respond to our post on a regular basis as you feel the need to.

 Love you guys

Alvin, Karen, Alaejha, Samantha, and Gaston

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  1. Just read the other comments. Mom and I went to eat a Spano’ last night then went to see Invited to the Wedding. was a nice evening. Played golf it was called wacky golf. On one hole they blind folded you before you would take a swing from he tee box, another had to hit left handed, and another was a putter made of a rubber hose. It was fun. Had a little rain yesterday and today. However, in Uvalde and Hondo it is flooding around there. List read your comments. Along with everybody elses. This is neet. However.no check spell.. Love to All DAD.

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