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Pool Party

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Our Apartments had a pool party today and the girls had a great time swimming and eating Pizza and Ice cream. Click on the Link to view a video.

 Pool Party Video

Blogsite down

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Hey just in case anyone tried accessing the site yesterday our hosting company had a server issue and it was resolved sometime last night.

But were back up and going now.


catch up

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
  • sorry i have not updated in awhile.  we are excited about our house and can not wait to get into it.  i think once we are in and settled with our own stuff things will be better.  i still get homesick and the girls and i in a small apartment well enough said about that.  they love the pool here at the apartments though.  we are finding our way around pretty good and even the girls recognize certain things and streets.  went to the mall the other day and i found a great store b moss.  great clothes that actually fit me and great sales.  we can find target and walmart and we are even trying different routes.  my porch on the house is looking great.  they have the concret poured and the white post put in.  the carpet goes in next week.  it is so bright in the house during the day time with the way it is laid out and all so i really like that.  i just wish i was good at decorating and landscape stuff but it will i come together i am sure.  well i need to run some errands so will go for now.  we sure miss everyone.  love to all


Monday 23rd

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Hey everyone, it’ really nice to see the responses to our post. Sorry we did not post anything over the weekend, it was our 1st weenend together without moving and we had a chance to take in Virginia just a little. Karen brother from Alexandria came over with our little nephew Holden, he is a cool liittle dude once he got use to the strange new family members. We wen buy to check on our house, and even though it has rained alot this past week they have made progress. We also had a chance to venture out to the older historic part of Lynchburg over near the James River. There we walked on a nature trail riverwalk it’ really nice and a lot of people were riding their bikes, the girls are excited about getting to take their bikes down there to ride also. We visited a new church on Sunday called Mountain View Methodist Church and met a lot of nice friendly folks. It’s certainly not the same as St. James but we know that God has blessed us tremedously  and it was just nice to be among his people as a group. I will sign off for now and try to post some pictures later or tomorrow.

 God Bless


Our New House

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Wow everyone is enjoying reading the responses here from you guys. It’s pretty neat to have a place where we can keep in touch this way. Work is good and really busy, but it’s great to come home to a regular home cooked meal again after about a month of eating out and microwave dinners. Anyway we are excited about the new house, it’s still a little ways from being ready but it’s cool to watch the progress. I hope to have more updated pictures each week so keep looking.

I Love you guys




Upstairs Hallway






Friday, July 20th, 2007

bubba just called for an address to put into his gps.  he and holden are coming for a few hours tomorrow. we are excited about that.  the girls and i are finding our way around slowing.  they get tired of car riding though. called the school and gave them their names. we don’t register till the 23 of august but they do have them down for the grades they will be in. going to see about their medicaid monday i think.  the office is in part of lynchburg i have not been so we will find it this weekend and go monday. shopped at kroger’s yesterday.  they have it and food lion.  what is gas there? In places it’s like 278.  It rained alot last night. it’s been pretty hot and humid.  suppose to be nice this weekend and not as hot. found a church we might try out sunday. i found it when i went the wrong way the other day. still bigger than what i would like but we will see. lots of kid involvement from what i read and from the way the secretary talked. well gotta take care of some stuff. mom and dad i miss you so much. lisa can’t wait to hear what a juice party is. lynda tell carson we are waiting for his visit. alisha i hope you are feeling better. keeping you in our prayers.  love you guys. if you all have time comment to lae and sam lae wrote something the other day and she keeps looking for comments. Karen

Traveling to Virginia

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Here are a few pictures when ever we stopped while traveling through Tennessee

Loving Sisters

Opry Land Girls





Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

We spent the day swimming.  The apartment pool is really nice and the kids has alot of fun. The office always has chocolate chip  cookies in the club house.  there were a couple of other kids swimming and the one girl had taken the last cookie the lady in the office made more so the girls and the other kids could have some so that was nice. still adjusting to the times the tv programs come on. they are all an hour later thatn central time so new is not until 11 which makes for a late night but i guess we are adjusting to everything.  would like to be in our house though.  sure miss everyone. love you guys.  Karen

my day

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Hello everybody how are yall doing? I got lost. i went shoping. love lae,sam,gaston.

Hello world!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Hey there friends and family, Karen the girls and I have made the long road trip from Abilene, TX to Lynchburg, VA. I am setting up the Weblog to help us keep you posted on things that are going on and to share things we are experiencing. This should give Karen a way to communicate to everyone in an easy format.

We already miss so many of you, but you can respond to our post on a regular basis as you feel the need to.

 Love you guys

Alvin, Karen, Alaejha, Samantha, and Gaston